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MINKA: Collaborating for a common purpose.

Minka Ventures is an organization that offers eco-friendly and organic products. The organization has adapted the "for-purpose" business model to make a difference in less developed areas of the Philippines.

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About Us

Our Founder

Filipino-American social entrepreneur Mark Rivera came up the idea of Minka and the Toothbrush Movement while traveling in South Africa.

In the small town of Coffee Bay, he met a group of young children asking tourists for sweets and small change. However, he soon learned that local establishments discouraged this practice because there were no dentists within miles of the area.

Thus, the cavities and tooth decay caused could not be treated.Because of his experiences during that trip, Mark realized the need for increased public awareness and social action to improve access to oral health services and sanitation, especially in underprivileged communities.

Out of a desire to make a difference in the communities of his motherland, Mark established Minka in the Philippines in March 2014.

Our Team

We believe in collaborating for a common purpose

Minka is a social enterprise that adopts a “for-purpose’ business model, which combines for-profit strategies with non-profit ideals.The term “minka” is a South American word that means “collaborating for a common purpose.”In the spirit of this definition, Mark reached out to his friends — Jan Bondoc, Xyrell Mallonga, Nathaniel Camat, and Anne Holmans — to help him make his concept a reality.

Our Goals

We strive to be conscious of the environment

The Toothbrush Movement promotes the use of biodegradable toothbrushes made of bamboo as an alternative to conventional toothbrushes made of hard plastic.By finding a niche among the environmentally and socially conscious populace of the Philippines, Minka aims to further its reach by expanding its offerings to include a greater variety of natural, eco-friendly hygiene products in the future.

Social Impact

Helping the community through projects and partnerships

Minka has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Philippines, and 10% of proceeds goes to the charity’s development projects, particularly their Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) program.By supporting such groups, Minka aims to bring brighter smiles to underprivileged communities everywhere through improved access to dental care services and tools.

Our Projects

MINKA & JCI San Pedro Portal Key – (UNMDG) “Tooth Hygiene for Kids”

This project was held in Santa Rosa, Laguna, as part of JCI San Pedro Portal Key’s UNMDG “Tooth Hygiene for Kids” event in partnership with MINKA.

thankyou partners
Habitat for Humanity Philippines (Pamaskong Handog)

Minka Toothbrushes were given out to families during Habitat for Humanity Philippines “Pamaskong Handog” Program.

JCI San Pedro Portal Key (Outreach Program)

UNMDG (United Nations Millenium Development Goal) Outreach Program
Sampaguita Elementary School, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines.
January 29, 2015.

Virlanie Foundation (Fundraising)

Virlanie Foundation is Minka’s Charity of the month.

Our Partners


Habitat for Humanity Philippines is a non-profit organization that serves Filipino families in need of decent homes. Habitat brings together partners who share the same vision of transforming lives through building responsible and sustainable communities. Established in 1988, Habitat for Humanity Philippines is a country affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International based in Georgia, USA.

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Amongst the rubbish pile in the urban slums of the Philippines, I once asked a kid what made him happy. He looked at me as if I should have known the answer. “School,” he replies right before he left to play. I smiled back at him. I should have known.

When the strongest typhoon hit the Philippines and displaced hundreds and thousands of kids, I knew it was time to leave Africa and focus my attention on the Philippines.

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