Minka is on TV!



In the middle of climate change, what can we do to help alleviate the negative changes it has been bringing to our planet? Our CEO and Founder, Mark Rivera, together with Mike from Human Nature, were guests for an UNTV segment. They talk about what saving environment is about and the things we here at Minka do to help save Mother Earth.

Like other businesses who offer a part of their profit for charities, Minka’s main focus is to help save the Earth. And we do this with more focus and more passion. This is what propelled Mark to start The Toothbrush Movement, after all. What started as a series of social experiences abroad had led to the determination to create a business that is centered on eco-friendly products. This was why our bamboo toothbrushes were born.

In the UNTV’s segment about climate change, our environment and the many impacts that resulted from the way we treat it were discussed. When dealing with solving environmental problems, what can we do as individuals? Mike and Mark tell both hosts and viewers that it is everyone’s job to save the environment. If we really want to help, we should all do our part. For Minka and Human Nature, coming up with more information and then making them accessible to the consumers do help. After all, the more well-equipped we are with knowledge, then the more we would know what actions we can take to help take care of our planet. Taking things a step further, we here at Minka also do volunteer work. An example is the series of dental missions we are currently doing, together with Gawad Kalinga. We also offer our eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes as an alternative to plastic toothbrushes.

When asked about the price, you’ll find that it isn’t expensive compared to the other brands of plastic toothbrushes. Eco-friendly products’ prices have been considered with care, to make it easier for the consumers to own one.

Watch the interview below and learn more about saving the environment and Minka’s part in helping out: