About Us

Our Story


During a trip to Coffee Bay in South Africa, our Founder was approached by children asking for money to buy sweets. With no dental facilities nearby, he knew that there will be an increase in poor oral hygiene and tooth decay if people would give in to these requests from the children. This made our Founder act on this growing problem, and Minka was born.

Our Team

We believe in collaborating for a common purpose.

“Minka” is a South American word that means “collaborating for a common purpose.” Our Founder sought the help of friends for a meaningful collaboration that made this concept a reality. Our social enterprise is a combination of for-profit strategies with non-profit ideals, or what our Founder calls a “for-purpose” business.

Our Goals

We strive to be conscious of the environment.

The Toothbrush Movement promotes the use of biodegradable toothbrushes made of bamboo as an alternative to conventional toothbrushes made of hard plastic. We aim to expand our natural, eco-friendly, and hygiene range to reach more environmentally and socially conscious Filipinos.

Social Impact

Helping the community through projects and partnerships.

We hope to further help underprivileged communities by collaborating with nonprofit organizations. We partnered with Habitat for Humanity Philippines in the past for their Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Program by giving 10% of our proceeds. And now we’re working with Operation Smile, a nonprofit medical organization that provides surgical care to children with cleft lip or cleft palate. Through them, we will be giving out Bamboo toothbrushes to improve oral hygiene and access to dental care among the less privileged.


Our vision is to introduce sustainable and eco-friendly products to encourage elimination or minimal use of plastic, thereby raising environmental awareness.


We do not only aim to raise environmental awareness; we also want to help underprivileged communities
mainly through providing jobs and supporting their livelihood.


We live by these guiding values that allow us to carry out our Mission to the fullest and achieve our Vision in the best way possible.


We create meaningful and valuable products that are not only good for the environment, but support and empower communities to thrive.


We are honest, sincere, and respectful to the people we work with and sell our products to.


As a sustainable and eco-friendly social enterprise, we make sure to source only natural products and use natural methods when it comes to our products.


We will never stop seeking knowledge and insights from our partner communities so we can help them in the best way possible through our products.


We continue to be aware of environmental issues so we can come up with more ways to craft products that are sustainable and friendly to the environment.