Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our eco-friendly products.

Ditch your plastic toothbrush to Minka Bamboo Toothbrush. It’s the best way to start a zero-plastic life. The latest news says “Most of the plastic waste that reaches the ocean comes from Asia” — The Economist. We made sure to a Bamboo Toothbrush for every user. Every purchase you make you don’t only help the environment but help communities in The Philippines. 10% goes to a Local Charity chosen by Minka. Check our CSR Activities.
The easiest way to place an order is via our CONTACT US page. Alternatively, you can provide the same information by email at sales@minka.com.ph and info@minka.com.ph.
Minka Bamboo Toothbrush used to be produced locally. Unfortunately we don’t produce enough bamboo to sustain the demand so we had to make a decision. We visited different bamboo farms in South East Asia, luckily we found one that passed our quality check. We closely monitor from harvesting to production to make sure that you only use the best for you and your family.
No. We use the same bristles dentists recommend. The bristles are made of nylon, therefore, they are recyclable but not biodegradable. We’re still in the research process of finding natural/biodegradable bristles. Another alternative would have been to use animal (pig) hair. […..] We knew that this alternative wouldn’t appeal to you and you might switch back to plastic toothbrush.
Our soaps are handmade with natural ingredients and organically grown fruits, grains and coconut leaves. A portion goes to local hard working farmers. Help us provide livelihood to our farmers by purchasing our organic soap line!
Yes. Kraft paper is 100% recyclable.
You may visit your nearest Healthy Options, G-Stuff, Echo Store and BeautyMNL to purchase the Original Bamboo Toothbrush, Kids Bamboo Toothbrush and Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush. The Bamboo Toothbrush in Soft Packaging you may purchase it directly from us with a minimum of 10pcs per order.
We also love Pandas and we don’t want to harm them. Don’t worry, we’re not taking away their food. Our handle is made from Moso bamboo. This type of bamboo is extremely sustainable, it can grow up to 38 inch in 24 hours. Yes, you heard that right…in 24hours!
First look for a pair of pliers. Then pull out the nylon bristles and dispose them responsibly. Still the best way to dispose of the bamboo toothbrush is to reuse it for personal projects.
We thought you’d never ask! Go to CONTACT US and send us a message. We always look forward to working with those who share our advocacy!
We can SOON engrave your company logo or name on the bamboo handle. Drop us an e-mail for more information at sales@minka.com.ph and info@minka.com.ph.
We accept two (2) payment methods: cash and bank deposit. Our delivery personnel will not accept any cash-on-delivery payments.
Orders placed during business hours will be taken care of immediately after we receive the proof of payment of the items ordered. We will inform you of the lead time and shipping method, and confirm with you any information we need to ship. Orders placed outside of business hours will take one to one-and-a-half business days to prepare and ship.
Once you place your order and make the payment, we begin processing orders immediately. Please be patient when ordering, our products are worth the wait. 🙂 We ask for a minimum of 1-2 business days for processing. 4-5 business days if you ordered during a promo or up to 2-3 weeks if ordered during Holiday Season (as we have an influx of orders during these times). Although we use all reasonable means to ensure your order is delivered within the specified time frames, during busy periods (including promos and events) deliveries may take a little longer. We cannot accept responsibility for late deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances outside of our control. Thank you for your patience!
We certainly do! The shipping cost will be shouldered by the customer. We recommend DHL, FedEx or UPS but you may choose your own courier. For more information you may send us an email at info@minka.com.ph.