Collaborating For A Common Purpose

Minka was born out of a desire to help improve underdeveloped communities in the Philippines.

While in Coffee Bay, South Africa the Founder was approached by kids who where asking for a dollar. he asked one of them why he wanted money, and the kid answered, “I want to buy sweets.”. There were no dental facilities nearby and he knew that “giving sweets, money, and their demand leads to the increase of poor oral hygiene and tooth decay”. The Founder decided at that moment to go for what he soon called a for-purpose business, with the toothbrush as the product.

This project was born after seeing the condition in Southern Africa where children experience poor oral health care with no proper dental care provided to them. The term “Minka” was actually derived from a South American term meaning “collaborating together for a common purpose”.


Bamboo helps reduce environmental impacts and promote a healthier and a happier planet. It is the fastest growing plant on earth. It can be harvested in just 3 years which makes bamboo highly renewable. It’s strong and helps promote healthy soil.