Minka in the Green Philippines 2015 Business Forum

12067359_1190832920934266_1571489452_nWe felt both honored and lucky to be able to attend Green Philippines 2015 last month. The business forum ran for three days, from September 24 to 26. It was a great affair, one where Minka was able to present to the public what we are all about, such as our eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush product and the successful dental missions we held (and still have until December) together with Gawad Kalinga.


The Green Philippines 2015 business forum gave us the chance to share Minka’s story, as well as tell them about our journey on social entrepreneurship. Creating a product like the bamboo toothbrush for our Toothbrush Movement project is a challenge — one that we love tackling. Being able to talk about this with like-minded people, people who collaborate for a common purpose was a wonderful experience. We here at Minka have always wanted to make sure that our bamboo toothbrush is both environment-friendly and efficient. We want what’s best for your toothbrush. We want what’s best for Mother Nature. All this without sacrificing quality. We spread this aim by joining with Gawad Kalinga in spreading smiles of goodness through various dental missions here in our country.

This business forum which brought together different entrepreneurs whose aim is to bring more eco-friendly products and help reinforce a sustainable lifestyle made us all more determined in pursuing this line of work, one where we give back to Mother Nature by doing what we can to save the environment in more ways than one. We hope that you will support us in this endeavor, whether by purchasing our very eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush or conserving water. Together, we really do make a difference.

Below are some photos of our Founder and CEO, Mark Rivera, during the Green Philippines 2015 event, where he is the spokesperson for our company:

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