Minka is on Rappler!

“Individuals sharing a vision, likely even blood, hatch plans to take a path less traveled. Off they march to disaster zones, depressed communities, agriculturallands, rural areas, or neglected neighborhoods.

They start scaling solutions to nonprofit concerns, such as job creation and education, using market-oriented strategies that have made the country’s conglomerates huge and top 50 clans richer.

The impact economy in the Philippines rises to fill gaps and make growth inclusive. Its approach to poverty stands out.”

These were in Shadz Loresco’s words in her Rappler article titled “People over profit.” We here at Minka was thrilled to discover that we were included.

It is true that starting a business, eco-friendly or not, can be challenging. There are competition, budgets and expenses, marketing campaigns that needs to be brainstormed well, and more. However, keeping one of our aims in mind helps keep us moving forwards. We are for a sustainable lifestyle. We are for helping spread goodness, in more ways than one. Through our product (the eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush) and our partnership with Gawad Kalinga for dental missions, Minka aims to bring out the good things, in more ways than one. Read more about it in Rappler’s article here.

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